PlayStation4 and Xbox 360, though these terms are not new to the world of gamers, before drawing a comparison between them, let’s quickly brief was they actually do in the gaming zone.

Xbox 360

Xbox 360 is the successor of the Xbox. Designed and developed by Microsoft, Xbox is a home video game console. It was officially launched on 12/05/2005. Being a seventh generation launch, it competed with Playstation 3 and Wii. It was listed as the sixth greatest video games consoles of all time and PC magazine reviewed it as the “this game proved that online gaming communities could thrive in a console space, while TechRadar, focussing on the digital media distribution, called Xbox the most influential gaming console.

PlayStation 4

PlayStation4 or simply PS4 is a product of Sony Interactive Entertainment, is again a video game console that was launched on 15/9/2013. It gained a ton of positive reviews even before its launch and entered the markets with huge expectations. Mark Rein of Epic Games heaped praises calling it a “phenomenal piece of hardware” and programmer and co-founder of id Software complimented Sony’s wise engineering choices. It must be mentioned that they satisfied such expectations to a great extent. It has appreciable high-speed memory.


  • Xbox 360 is a seventh generation console while PlayStation 4 is an Eighth Generation console.
  • The games in PlayStation 4 come with high resolutions like 1080p while the same games are available only in 720p and 900p in Xbox 360
  • Sony made sure that their consoles are packed with exclusive games that give you wonderful play experience and is also the only console that supports full-fledged Virtual Reality headsets.
  • If you do not mind paying for playing games, PlayStation 4 can give you the best experience. Though there are ways to play offline in Xbox, it’s not always safe they can sometimes be risky.
  • Last but not least no matter what class of a buyer you are nothing approves a purchase like a comfortable and affordable pricing. So if price is your concern Xbox 360 is the right choice. However, your gaming experience depends on the hardware of the console. If an average hardware performance irks you, then PS4 gives you gratification.
  • Both consoles went on the global platform, and Xbox 360 became the sixth best-selling console, and PlayStation 4, on the other hand, was remarked as ‘the next generation console.’


Though a comparison is always worth making, with the world that changes along with every new change in technology this comparison might make few eyes squint. Because PlayStation 4 is a recent launch while Xbox 360 is almost completing a decade of its survival!