With the release date of NBA 2K18 coming so close, a lot of people are naturally excited for this new addition to the NBA 2K game series. It will be released this coming September 19, and even earlier for those that pre-order it. If you are wondering what you can look forward to when it comes to NBA 2K18 gameplay expectations, then you should know that there is a lot to be excited for. The various kinds of gameplay features and improvements that have been added to NBA 2K18 are going to make it the best game in the series so far. And while there has no new official news about the actual features of the game, the trailer being release can allow for speculation about what NBA 2K18 will be like.

MyCareer and MyTeam game modes

Some of the best things about the previous NBA 2K games are going to return to this one. Game modes such as the MyTeam and MyCareer are set to return. And they will deliver on the same formula that has made the game franchise so addictive. Players can also choose to compete in online multiplayer mode if they wish for more of a challenge.

Improved Graphics

One of the biggest improvements for NBA 2K18 is the addition of a new game engine. This means that there are going to be major improvements in the overall graphics of NBA 2K18. Long-time fans of this franchise are going to love the way that the graphics are going to look more realistic. These graphics are going to make gamers feel like they are actually on an NBA court. And best of all, there has also been an improvement in the basketball and player animations as well. This would translate into a more pleasant, smoother and more natural looking gaming experience. Overall, NBA 2K18 will probably have the best graphics in the franchise.

Return of Shaquille O’Neal

Shaq will return for the third time ever in an NBA 2K game. He is set to grace the cover of the Legend Edition of the NBA 2K18 game. And there is also a limited bundled edition that will come with a physical poster of Shaq himself. It has also been announced that Shaq ATTAQ shoes and other Shaq-themed gear will be included in the game as well. Shaquille O’Neal himself was at the unveiling for the cover of NBA 2K18.

Based on the trailer and other kinds of announcements for the game, these are the NBA 2K18 gameplay expectations that you can look forward to. This is a basketball video game that is hotly anticipated for this year. And if you are wondering what kinds of consoles that you can play it on, you can get it for the PS3, PS4, Xbox One and 360, and the PC as well. 2K Games is also going to release this title for the Nintendo Switch as well, a first ever. So a lot of consoles are going to be supported for NBA 2K18, which would mean that more gamers will get to play it.