One of the most awaited events of 2018 is the FIFA World Cup. The process started, from the bidding segment and the initial bidders being Mexico, Indonesia, Australia, Japan, the United States, England, Russia, Netherlands/Belgium and Portugal/ Spain. While most countries withdrew due to various reasons the list finally dropped down to Russia, Netherlands/Belgium, Portugal/ Spain and England. A FIFA Executive committee met in Zurich on 2nd December 2010, comprising of 22 members to vote and select the hosts of both the tournaments and Russia bagged it.

The Brazilian team and Iranian teams are qualified to participate while Russia will enter as hosts. The teams’ previous appearances appeared 20 times. The Brazilian, Russian and Iranian teams have made 20,10 and 5 appearances respectively in the earlier FIFA tournaments. In 5 out their 20 appearances, the Brazilians were the winners of the trophy. The Russian bid proposes 13 host cities and 16 stadiums, which is very well above FIFA’s minimum requirement. However, due to completion concerns, the number of venues were reduced down to 12

Things to expect from the 2018 World Cup:

  • Alexey Sorokin, the Chief Officer of Russian FIFA organizing Committee, believes that the FIFA arrangements are progressing really well. He is also glad regarding the positive reaction they received from fans, public, and media.
  • There are certain technical issues that they are yet to meet. Right from fans coming on time and a team that could usher them to their seats and the match starting appropriately. Despite prim and proper work, there might be certain contingencies. But still, the organizing committee has made arrangements to meet such contingencies to the extent possible.
  • Russia has already staged the Confederations Cup. But it is not enough to understand the magnitude the of the World Cup games. Both games are different and cannot be compared. The volume of spectators at the world cup games are really huge and to cater to their expectations takes the responsibility to a whole new level.
  • Though the Russian team didn’t make it to the knockout phase, a decent number of Russian fans will make it to the stadium, and most of them are wholeheartedly ready to extend their support for the foreign teams.
  • A lot of nations in the yester years had to be refrained from participation because of the hooligan behavior of the inmates. Having said that, there are also other issues like doping and corruption which the organizers have to face. However, as far as the 2018 games are concerned the Russia has promised to showcase the country with by actual work and organization.

With few more months to go for the game set on the fields. Let hope to see something interesting happen.